We describe collective intelligence as “AI for crowds”. We believe we’ve made an important contribution towards making crowds truly intelligent problem solvers, with profound implications on the Sustainable Development Goals, effective philanthropy, development cooperation, and any other collective impact. This innovation has profound implications in other areas as well, including AI safety, and general research and development of products and services for a sustainable circular economy. Get a sixty second overview in the video for our upcoming campaign here.

This innovation is based on our belief that a holistic, systems-based approach to change is possible. And it’s based on our belief that hundreds of millions of years of wisdom instructing us in how a holistic systems-based approach can address the world’s biggest challenges, is contained in the way the way complex natural ecosystems and systems, including ourselves, are designed.

In our efforts to build a movement around this innovation, we’re reaching out to early adopters who not only share our belief that such a holistic, systems-based approach to change is possible, but who also believe it’s on its way. If you fit the bill of spending most of your time solving big collective problems, rather than focusing on your immediate needs today, we invite you to explore how the CIPAA-SDGs program created based on this model of collective intelligence could help you achieve your goals, and how you could help it to do so. Get a quick overview of the model here. Then let us know your thoughts through whichever one of the following surveys is applicable to you: