Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence (CI) is AI for crowds. CIPAA-SDGs is a ten phase program that leverages CI to close the $23 trillion gap between the funding required to achieve the SDGs, and the funding available to do so. The Nobeah Foundation is a founding member of the Consortium Implementing this program. All of the Nobeah Foundation’s programs are planned for deployment in one or more of the phases of the CIPAA-SDGs program. The benefits of this program for the public sector, charitable organizations, impact investors, and others are:

Public Sector
If you’re in the public sector, learn more here about how collective intelligence can significantly increase funding for your government’s programs here.

Charitable Organizations
If you work for a private foundation or a national donor agency, learn about how collective intelligence can significantly increase your organization’s impact here.

Impact Investors
If you’re an impact investor, learn here how collective intelligence can significantly increase your returns and decrease your risk.

Social Impact Innovators and Entrepreneurs
If you’re an social impact innovator or entrepreneur, learn here how collective intelligence can massively increase your capacity to innovate.

Prospective Partners
If you’d like to partner to implement the CIPAA-SDGs program in your geography, learn here [Link to] how the CIPAA-SDGs Implementation Consortium runs the program, as well as how you can replicate the Consortium to run the program in your own region. And learn here how the program can significantly increase funding for non-profit partners, and revenue for for-profit partners.

This model of collective intelligence is a “change engine” in that it has the capacity to drive a global transformation in well-being. And when enough mind share is built to enable massive participation, the change engine may ignite to drive this global transformation. To build this mind share, a Center for Collective Intelligence is being founded in the Caribbean where the pilot will be launched. Learn more here.